Happy Weekend


It's the weekend! What are your plans? Drinks with friends? Time at the beach? We were out of town last weekend and I'm heading to Miami next weekend, coupled with a hectic work week I'm excited to relax. These photos were taken a few weeks ago, with my niece Avery at the pool.

Camille had her baby girl ... and named her Phoebe! Congrats Camille!

And Bradley from Luella & June got engaged! Good news all around the blogosphere this week.

Isn't this such a pretty simple look? I love the tutorials on A Cup of Jo.

I think this DIY gold studded tray from Fabulous K has to happen!

Rachel from Little Bits of Lovely is just as excited about the September issues as I am.

Remember my post on C Wonder? Erika from small shop went to the opening too! Wish I would've known so we could've met in person.

Have you entered our Petitor giveaway yet?


danielle p. said...

enjoy your weekend of relaxing! i plan to do the same :]

susan said...

very fun-----love lounging by the pool---

Meg {henninglove} said...

cheers to all the wonderful happenings on blogs this week!! babies, engagements, all very exciting. have a wonderful weekend ladies

Punctuation Mark said...

Days here are cloudy and rainy... Miss those sunny Miami days! Have a great weekend!

Brooklyn Grace said...

hello dear
thnks for your comment
followed you on GFC