Monday Morning


2 / 3 / 5

1. Ian and I tried a new-to-us breakfast place yesterday. I love the pops of neon. I was craving an acai bowl (and it was the best I've found in our neighborhood), but I may have to go with the open-faced breakfast sandwich he ordered next time.
2. I don't know if I'd ever be brave enough to commit to a neon door or accent wall, but I love the idea in theory.
3. It's important to start the week on a positive note.
4. I didn't get home from work until almost midnight on Friday, but made up for it the rest of the weekend - starting with some pool time in my little neon yellow bikini on Saturday.
5. This color just makes me happy. And I love the simple cuffs she paired it with.


Mad Max and Family said...

I love the neon door! What a great idea.

I once had a green neon wall in a small apt in NYC. It was great.


Kyla said...

Oooh, this whole post is so bright and happy! Exactly what is needed for a Monday morning. I definitely agree - starting the week off positive is always best. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my... that fruit bowl looks delicious. LOVE the color of the dress in the last photo too.

Quiet Luxury

Giuliana Milan said...

OBSESSED with this dress on the bottom! And my mouth is currently salivating over that delicious picture of your breaky, very jealous and am now craving an acai bowl!

This post defiantly put a smile on my face this bright Monday morning!

Don't forget to tune in to NBC for ALL OLYMPIC COVERAGE :) <3


Ms. Cathy said...

LOVING your neon bikini! And loving neon everywhere too :) I agree with you about the it in theory but not sure if I could do it for!

Cathy Trails

susan said...

you are reading on a very cool patio!

Amber said...

I like the neon door too but I feel like I would start to hate it after awhile.