Monday Morning


1. I don't know if it's seeing my grandparents (and niece & nephew) get older, my friends get married, or getting further and further away from my college years, but "life is short" is constantly playing in my head.
2. Which is why I'm trying to take advantage of weekends. Case in point: a trip to the Del Mar Races this weekend.
3. Which was followed by a much-needed pancake breakfast the next morning.
4. This summer, I've been detoxing during the week so I can indulge on the weekends (see pancake breakfast above).
5. Is this not the perfect summer outfit??


Stesha said...

that is one great quote!!


Amelia - Ugly Duckling said...

Life is short, you're right. Its good to try and keep that in mind so you make the most of it! Love that quote and the image its on too!

Bet the pancakes were awesome, that salad looks pretty good too though!

Glad you had a great weekend! Only 5 days until the next one :)

Amelia @ UGLY DUCKLING xxx

Come say hey at! :)

Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

I always have that in mind, we got to be grateful for just being here. That fruit plate looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

The fruit plate looks SO yummy. I'm detoxing too - but from hotdogs and cake! :)

Quiet Luxury

Nomadic D. said...

Original House of Pancakes is THE BEST!!! Have you had their Dutch Baby? That thing is ridiculous. Yum.

susan said...

what a great weekend . . .and you are right . . . life is VERY short!

Lonely Wife Project said...

I haven't made it out to the race tracks yet! And you have no idea how much I want a pancake. I'm detoxing (going on day 8)and I'm starting to think life is too short not to eat pancakes :)

Giuliana Milan said...

One of my FAVORITE quotes!! Love all the pictures too....such a PERFECT way to kick off my Monday morning :)


navy and orange said...

the perfect post! we must be neighbors! I am heading to the races next week!

xoxo navy & orange