Monday Morning


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1. Now that our patio is complete, I'm thinking a bright hammock like this one might be all our upstairs balcony needs.
2. Egg sandwiches on Saturday morning. Over-easy eggs, prosciutto and arugula on ciabatta rolls, whipped up by the beau. Yum.
3. I've been trying to eat al fresco as much as possible. Isn't this table lovely?
4. Last weekend, Ian brought home flowers for no real reason. Aren't those the best kind?
5. Are you loving the latest J. Crew collection as much as I am? 

How was your weekend? 


jen said...

i've always wanted a hammock! hope you have a great week : )

life spelled jen

tinajo said...

That hammock looks great, love the color! :-)

jeanette from everton terrace said...

I like all three of these looks, last one best :)
It was too hot here to eat outside this weekend (over 100) but perhaps breakfast this morning...

angie said...

I wish we could eat out more in the UK, but it's just rain, rain and more rain at the moment! bring on summer!

Leslie said...

Everything is so lovely! I adore all of your inspiration. :)

Leslie said...

Alexa (my daughters name in Alexa!)

What fun these images are and I agree! Flowers for no reason is the best reason, and alfresco dinning is the best part apart summer.

Looking forward to following!


danielle p. said...

i want all things j. crew right now. everything is so great!

Hena Tayeb said...

I love the hammock and the outdoor seating.. especially since this week has been wet and cold.

Meta Musings said...

Your hubby is so sweet! Love the J.Crew looks too, so bright and full of spring!


Joelle :: Something Charming said...

Love it all! And it sounds like my husband could take some pointers...that breakfast sounds delicious!


Jessica said...

I LOVE the hammock picture! It just looks so gloriously relaxing.