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{One of my favorite fellow blondes - Kristine!}
{If you weren't sold on the ombre hair trend before, I'm guessing this picture just did the trick?}
{And one of my favorite brunettes, McKenzie! Daniela goes to Airen too but I couldn't find a photo}
{Airen does weddings nearly every weekend, and this was snapped before a recent one. Can you believe this is all her real hair?}
{Airen has curled my hair before, for Lydia's wedding, but it was raining this past weekend so I opted for straight strands. I can't believe how long my hair is getting!}

 {The stylist. How pretty is she?}
My girlfriends and I see the same stylist, our friend Airen at the Walk In Salon by Robert Cromeans in Pacific Beach. The salon is always buzzing and full of chic stylists dressed in black and sporting covetable hair, but Airen manages to fit me in and after a few hours of girl talk, I walk out with hair I only wish I could replicate myself. Last weekend, I visited Airen before lunch and shopping with Kristine, Daniela and McKenzie (all friends and clients of Airen's!). Not only was my hair done for a date with Ian, but I had money left over for a shopping trip!


Amanda said...

I'm surprisingly liking this trend now that you've showed so many examples!

Meg {henninglove} said...

wow what gorgeous hair styles!! geesh puts my hairstyle to shame today

Hilliary@ Happily Ever Healthy said...

Wow, beautiful hair! I wish my hair looked like that, I really like this trend.

Veronica said...

great pictures!! beautiful hair!

MyStyleVita said...


xoxo Jessica

Susan said...

sounds like such a fun Saturday---your hair looks beautiful!

tempe salon said...

Very nice your hair style... and your hair is very nice! I like your style!