Hello, Autumn


Ian is in Seattle on a business trip and says the leaves are changing and you can really tell it's fall up there. It's making me want to bundle up and go jump in a pile of leaves somewhere.

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MyStyleVita said...

I saw the prettiest trees today with all the leaves changing colors and slowly falling off. It has finally turned fall here in Atlanta and it's the best time of year. Not too cold and no more humidity!

xoxo Jessica

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Nikki said...

It is surprisingly cold this week in Seattle! Hope he's drinking lots of Starbucks to stay warm ;)

We don't really get to jump in leaves either because they're too soggy!

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

fall in seattle is just so beautiful just because of all the many trees that we have up there. makes me miss home!
xo TJ

Mo Pie, Please said...

We have so many leaves in our yard but we don't own a rake (we've just been mowing over them, haha). I do want to hop in a pile this weekend though, we're going to have a couple little ones running around in our backyard and it's supposed to be sunny and very fall-like this weekend.

Giules Longmire said...

My cousins live in Seattle and I absolutely love it from July up until the Christmas time! It is soo gorgeous to see the change in colors and weather. Makes me want to visit now! Xo

Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

I hope he is liking Seattle so far! And yes, it is for sure fall up here! :)

Monica said...

our autumn here is too short for my liking. we have rusty leaves for the shortest time.