Bon Appetit: Pizza Port


Pizza Port boasts tons of different types of pizza pies, an equal amount of types of beer (the California Honey is my fave), and picnic style seating so you can talk to your neighbors. Needless to say, it is a favorite spot of ours. And we're moving close to one of their locations!

Also, the winner of our latest giveaway is Kristi! Kristi email us your contact information so we can arrange your winnings!


Sarah said...

Ooooh nothing gets me in a better mood than a good night out eating pizza. This looks great. I'll have to try that CA honey.

- Sarah

creativefashionglee said...

I and hubby love pizza a lot that we schedule Sunday nights for pizza dinners. :)

Giules Longmire said...

I love Pizza Port! It is seriously AMAZING! Next time im back in SD, I must go I miss it too much <3 thanks for that reminder ;) Happy Monday!