Resurface Art at Cardiff Green Fest


{September weather in San Diego is always pretty near perfect}
{A board depicting the Balboa Peninsula in my hometown and where Amanda & Will now live}
{Amanda had boards and prints for sale. Ian and I are thinking about picking up a print for our new place}
{There were a lot of families at Cardiff Green Fest, so Amanda set up a craft project for kids that stopped by her booth}
{20% of the proceeds go towards World Vision} 
{Ian and I stopped by after visiting our soon-to-be new apartment in the Encinitas}
A few weekends ago, our friends Will and Amanda were in San Diego for the Cardiff Green Fest, where Amanda's company Resurface Art had a booth, so we stopped by to hang out and I snapped some photos.

P.S. See more of Amanda's boards in this post.

P.P.S. The winner of our Perfect Foods Bar giveaway is, drum roll please, Tara, who writes the blog The Silver Lining.


Ashley said...

That board with the painting on it is awesome! Looks like a great time :)

pierre said...

everlasting summer...

Hollie Ann said...

How funny I live in SD and lived on balboa peninsula for a year! That looks like a blast!

Closet Fashionista said...

Ooh that looks and sounds like so much fun! We never have fun stuff like that where I live :(

JustPatience said...

Looks like fun. Love all the misc curios in the pics.

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Nicole-Lynn said...

Sounded so fun! I love events like that! My husband and I stopped in San Diego on the way back from our Hawaii honeymoon and we just love it there! We have talked about moving there someday!