3-Day Weekend! Oh Joy!


Apparently Kirby and I are thinking about fashion today. Don't know if you noticed. Sometimes I have this random urge in the middle of the day to don the highest heels and wear my fanciest dress and get all glammed up. Then I realize I have a baby. And I'm still in my sweats and they have mashed peas on the them and in my hair. A girl can dream right?

We are heading into a three-day weekend darlings! Isn't that just the best news? Kirby and I will be back on Tuesday, and until then, here are some fashion links to love!

Love Vogue's 1 Girl, 5 Days, 5 Looks. P.S. Do any of you look as hip as Jessica Sailor going to the office?

Looking for fall inspiration for your wardrobe? Blazer, button-down, flats, belt, purse. Check.

Think I'm in love with this dress.

Two fall outfits that I love!

Another dress. I want!

P.S. Don't forget about our giveaway! We'll announce a winner on Tuesday!

P.P.S. Speaking of fashion...Coco Chanel. {Image from Style Couture}


la petite coquine said...

LOVING this round up-fall fashions always make me smile! I say go wash those peas out and go on a date this weekend!

Rachel {Little Bits of Lovely} said...

Love your fashion round up, off to check out all the links! Have a fabulous 3 day weekend! xx

Stephanie @ henry happened said...

Yay for 3-day weekends! And yes, sometimes I'd like to have an office job again just to have a reason to get the drool off my shoulder and put on some heels! :)


Break out those heels!!! Hope you have a great long weekend! xoxo

Punctuation Mark said...

hope you're having a fantastic weekend!!!

JRuud said...

Love the fashion this week. Love your blog!!! Have a wonderful weekend :)


design elements said...

happy 3d weekend :-) hugs

Elle Audrey Marie said...

I'm so bummed I'm going to miss labor day, but hey, I can create my own here in Tokyo, right? Why not? Have a fab, fab weekend!

Mandy Crandell said...

Hooray for long weekends! I needed it so much!


Jessie said...

Hope you girls had a great weekend!

P/S: Come enter my newest giveaway for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate from My Urban Child (BONUS: plus two other websites to choose from).


Don't miss it! Have a wonderful week!


J+S said...

I hope your weekend was great. I love that Real Simple article on fall fashion.

Gordon Gossip

Jey Raul said...

Nice collection of dresses. Great post. The shoes in pic are cool.

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