Hooray. Do I Need to Say Why?


Hello. It's the weekend sillies. What are your plans? M&M and I are heading to a BBQ tomorrow night. Yay beer. Oh wait, I'm on a gluten free diet for two more days. Yay, pear cider. Not quite as good, but still alcoholic.

I'm not sure if Kirby and I have mentioned this, but we are hosting a blogging event on Tuesday where there will be wine and some pretty awesome desserts. Can you tell we're excited? We'd love to see you, meet you, greet you and shop with you!

Mark your calendars dears and I'll be back here on Monday. Same time, same place. Until then links to love:

I saw this home tour on ex-Press-o. Had to share, isn't it perfect and non-fussy?

How adorable are these salt and pepper shakers. Yay Our Shop in London!

Mojitos, Chips and Salsa.

Spotted this DIY clutch on In Honor of Design. Cute and easy!

Capybaras just lazin'.

Pssst. Giveaway. Black and Gold Earrings. Come on, you know you want to peak!

P.S. Speaking of pears, don't you love the pear print? Good news: a giveaway from the seller next Wednesday...stay tuned!



Courtney Erin said...

I want some pear cider!

xoxo ~ Courtney

Closet Fashionista said...

Wooohooo for weekends and barbeques :D haha :)

Alexa said...

Courtney - So good, right?

tinajo said...

I DO love the pears, looks so yummy! :-)

Anonymous said...

Wait...Tuesday? Is it not 8/25 Thursday? - rox

kristina@beancakes ❤ said...

mmm, love pears and pear cider sounds so good right now! have a great weekend ~ it sounds like you are!!
xo ~ kristina

Alexa said...

Rema -

We changed it to Tuesday night. Totally understand if you can't make it though.

Nikki said...

Why are you doing gluten free? Do you have an intolerence? I always forget about pear cider and just stick to wine!