Happy (Early) Anniversary Mom & Dad!


On August 21, my parents will be celebrating their 35th wedding anniversary. After 35 years, my dad can still make my mom laugh until she cries, which I think says it all.

My siblings (brother Steve, his twin Craig and my sister-in-law Ryan) look up to them so much and wanted to do something to make the day extra special. My family stayed at the Montectio Inn in the little town of Montecito (located just outside of Santa Barbara) a few years ago for Craig and Ryan's wedding, and our parents have always wanted to go back - and now they will be.

So Mom and Dad: the boys, Ryan and I are sending you to the Montecito Inn on your anniversary! The reservation is made so all you have to do is get to Montecito and enjoy yourselves.


Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

Aw, what a sweet gift for your parents!! They are going to have a great time. You should have them write a post about how to make a marriage last...just sayin'! Those always make my cry happy tears.

This Confetti Life said...

Such a thoughtful gift!

Nikki said...

That is so sweet! Best kids ever ;) Happy Annivesary to the parents!

Susan said...

Wow! What a wonderful surprise! We have such wonderful memories of Montecito via Craig and Ryan's beautiful wedding--and now we can go back and reminisce. . .and also look back to 1976 when it all began----thank you Steve, Craig, Ryan and Kirby---you have made us feel so very special. Love, Mom and Dad