Wedding Weekend


Hi darlings. I'm off to my cousin's wedding this weekend (and my other cousin is getting married next is in the air)! The funny thing is that I've started noticing bride's shoes more. Usually you can't even see them because the dress is so long...but I love brides who venture out of the ordinary and wear something completely different. What do you think? Which one is your favorite?

P.S. I love the guy's socks in the last one! 

Link love:

Beautiful nautical photography.

Wow. This fashion editorial makes my heart beat a little bit faster.

The Mona Lisa goes back to Paris after World War II. 

Hemingway goes hunting. Cool photos!

This is home for me.

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Alexandria said...

I agree with you; bright shoes totally complete the wedding look. I plan on getting a tea-length dress one day so the world can see my awesome shoes :)

tinajo said...

Fun to go to weddings - feels like forever since I´ve been..! Those socks made me smile! :-)

Susan said...

Definitely the orange----have a fun time at the wedding!

la petite coquine said...

I am in all kinds of love with these shoe shots! Have a wonderful weekend!

Nomadic D. said...

I LOVE those brides' shoes! I almost wore tough gold boots at my wedding, but then I thought of my grandmother and I figured it wasn't worth it. Don't know why I didn't think of putting a shot of color under there though!

Swirls of Happy said...

Love all of these!! The orange argyle socks with her shoes are so cute :)

Julie and Lauren said...

Cute!! Love the green shoes. What a different look. Great blog. XO

kristina@beancakes ❤ said...

i love them all!! but the orange or the yellow speaks to me the most!!
xo ~ kristina

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime said...

I love the idea of colored shoes on wedding day... hope the wedding was fun!!

Linh @ La-La Linh said...

Love these wedding shots. Details are so important and love all of the shoe selections :) Mine were purple.

Mandy Crandell said...

Yes! I love shoe details on brides! For one of the weddings I shot, the bride wore sparkly ruby heels.!/MandyCrandell

Jenna Lee said...

The hidden color is so fun! The green ones are great

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