APT with LSD: Mini Mortimer


{How many stripes do you spot in this picture?}

{Another drool-worthy gallery wall}

{Love the way the books are stacked horizontally and vertically. Ian and I do that but it's only because we've run out of room!}

{A dining room surrounded by books? What a good idea}

{Love having a sun room, more common in the Midwest and on the East Coast, in California!}

{The playroom for Mortimer's daughter, Tuesday}

{"We have separate closets, which is a good thing because [her husband] Steve doesn't share my enthusiasm for color coding." Ha!}

Do you follow the Vogue series APT with LSD? If not, I highly recommend it! Last week they showcased the Malibu home of New York native designer Minni Mortimer. Enjoy!


Jessie said...

This house is fabulous! I love the playroom, the sunroom and the dining room! These rooms are so beautifully decorated and inviting!

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HG The Countess said...

You also muct follow the LSD on Twitter-- profound wisdom I tell you!

rachel @ Just a Touch of Gray said...

Love that gallery wall! It's fabulous!

natasha {schue love} said...

That gallery wall and those bookshelves are STUNNING!

Mary Lane said...

I love a good bookshelf and hers really have it going on! That gallery wall is awesome too.