Wooden Wine Rack


Ian and I NEED this retractable wooden wine rack. When we moved in we had a cocktail party and our amazing friends all brought wine, but now our wine rack varies depending on what we pick up at Trader Joe's or Bev Mo and how much we dine out on a particular week. It looks quite sad right now, with only one lonely, half-drunk bottle. This would solve our problem of the nearly-empty wine rack!

{Spotted on Design Crush}


Linh said...

How neat! I am hoping my hubby buys me an actual frig but this would also be great :)

Nicole-Lynn said...

Love this!

btw, changed my blog name! Hope you'll continue to follow!

Oh, My Darling said...

Oh, I dig the clean aesthetic of this.

La Boheme said...

Now that is one sexy wine rack! Love the minimal lines! xoxo

The Blonde @ Stylish3 said...

Very cool and great for limited counter space. Might have to get one of these for my husband!