Riviera Palm Springs Part Deux


{Notice the difference between the photo on the right and the photo on the left? Look in the top right corner for a hint!}
{On Saturday a few of us crawled out of bed at 7am to reserve pool chairs. So worth it! Oh, and the fellow on the left we nicknamed Mister Parker. He came with us everywhere, embarrassing but true!}

After soaking up the sun for the day, we got dolled up and got the bachelorette festivities underway. I left out some of the photos so as to not embarrass the bashful bride to be, but let's just say Lydia has lots of pretty things to sleep in after she says her "I dos." After some champagne cocktails we were off to The Parker Palm Springs for dinner. Stay tuned for photos from The Parker tomorrow!


amy b.s. said...

looks like you guys had such a great time! so fun!

Jenna Lee said...

looke like fun fun fun! Love the outfits! Everyone looks amazing!

Jessie said...

How fun! Love Mr. Parker, he's the kind of guy who will put a smile on your face without saying anything!


Jacquelyn said...

Love these photos! Everyone looks awesome!

xo jackie

Angel @ | 77inspire | said...

haha mister parker. looks like you girls had fun. I love wearing fake mustaches!

Alicia said...

Looks like it was lots of fun!!


Susan said...

Mr. Parker needs some new swim trunks!