Father's Day & Birthday Surprise


{Happy birthday Dad!}
{I was crossing my fingers for nice weather all week!}
{We stopped for a snack on Coronado}
{The Midway is a San Diego landmark, while the Vincent just recently arrived}
{Ian grew up sailing competitively so he did most of the work!} 
{Tory Burch: if you're reading this, we would definitely be interested in a sponsorship!}

{It was fun being tourists in our own city}
{We got off the boat and went to BO-Beau for dinner. If you live in or are visiting San Diego I highly recommend it! It is becoming one of my favorite restaurants. We started with the brussels sprouts (I know how it sounds but they are delic) and split two flat breads - shrimp w avocado and braised short ribs w mashed potatoes}
Today is my Dad's birthday, so I planned a joint Father's Day/birthday surprise and rented a sail boat on Sunday! I had it planned for months but didn't let it slip once (if you know me you know that is pretty unbelievable!). When my parents arrived at our apartment my Dad opened his card and read about our plans for the day. After four hours in San Diego Harbor, we went to dinner at one of my new faves. It was such a perfect day for a perfect Dad. My Dad has done so much for me so to be able to plan a fun day for him was so special. 


Lee Oliveira said...

What a great surprise.. I am sure you dad was very happy..
Lee x

Susan said...

We loved every minute of the day! A birthday Dad will not forget---

Sarah said...

It's so fun to be a tourist in your own city. I always joke how out of towners know more about where I live than I do lol

- Sarah

Savannah said...

Happy Father's Day and Birthday to your dad Kirby! Looks like it was a great one :)

Nicole-Lynn said...

Very nice! Great pictures. Sounded like a fun time with the fam.! I love that area, my husband and I stayed at the Lowes Coronado Bay resort for the end of our honeymoon!

Jessie said...

What a lovely and sweet surprise for dad! I am sure your dad and your whole family had a great time. You have a beautiful family, Kirby. Now we know where you get your good genes from! :)