The Little Man


{Chase Varner Brooks}
{With mom and dad}
{Proud aunt and grandparents. Look how he's gazing at me in the photo on the left!}
{Big sister Avery}

On Saturday I drove up to Brentwood to meet my nephew Chase, who is just over a week old. I was instantly smitten with the little guy and in awe of my brother and sister in law. I can still remember being in their wedding and now they have Avery and Chase!


Susan said...

I think Chase already loves his Aunt Kirby!

birdie to be said...

Hes so precious!

Leigh said...

What precious little ones!!! I look forward to meeting both my little family members soon.

Diana Mieczan said...

Awww..what a sweet little kiddos:) Have a great day

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