It's Harder Than You Think


But worth a try.

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Hometown Glory}


Jenna Lee said...

Its a beautiful quote but you're right it isn't always as easy as it sounds. Following your dreams is one of the harder things to do. ESP when you DREAM BIG!

Thank you for your sweet blog visits!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

Jessie said...

It's a great quote but it's easier said than done. However, it's worth a try or else we will be forever haunted with the "What ifs". Nevertheless, it's a great reminder to all of us!


amy b.s. said...

it's even harder when you realize that part of your dreams have past you buy. but then, it guess it's time to make new ones.

Drew {Coral Cafe} said...

Totally agree!! Such a great quote!!

Glad you had such a great Memorial Day weekend! Time spent with your hubby and baby while sipping on lemonade sounds perfect! It's the little things that make life so wonderful ;)

rebecca said...

hard to do indeed. especially when what you WANT to do, doesn't exactly pay the bills just yet.

Diana Mieczan said...

Totally agree with you, sweetie..It is hard to do but its a beautiful quote! Hugs and kisses, darling

Oh, My Darling said...

I love this quote, and what you say about it is so very true!