Hippie Style


How fun are these photos of a vintage VW Bus? They remind me of the beach and camping trips...which is funny because I rarely did these things as a child. Matt's parents had an old VW Bus and his memories of it are its 55 mph speed limit, and the numerous times that it wound up in the shop. Oh well...they certainly look cool.

P.S. My parents had a Datson and a Volvo...how lame is that? Ha. Other side note...my dad SOLD his yellow corvette to buy a Datson station wagon. I still have to give him a bad time about that.

{Photos from The Cherry Blossom Girl}


Linh said...

Oh how cute! Wish we could have found one of these beauties for our wedding. We wanted to have our wedding party carpool to the reception. This would have been so much fun!

Jenna Lee said...

I think these old vans are so cool. I love the look and the style!