The Hike


{Oakzanita Peak Summit - 5,020 feet!}

{It was windy up there!}

{Snapshots from the hike - over 7 miles!}

{See if you can spot the deer in the photo on the left and the lizard in the photo on the right}

{Although most of the vegetation is back, you can still see burnt trees and other remnants of the San Diego fires}

Ian and I normally hike Torrey Pines and Cowles Mountain, but last weekend we embarked on our most difficult hike yet, Oakzanita Peak Summit. In addition to it being much longer hike, it was nice to be the only ones out there, compared to the crowds at Torry and Cowles.


Susan said...

How great is it to have such wonderful vistas so close to your own home!

Miyan said...

love these hiking photos. my boyfriend love to hike when we have the opportunity. we usually trek it for a few days and it is so challenging, but you feel so accomplished after.

love your blog!


Savannah said...

That hike looks amazing. We should try it sometimes. I could use a new hiking trail ;)