H&M Swim 2011


Remind me why I used to shell out over $100 per itty bitty bikini in high school? Loving these H&M suits and loving their prices even more! Now if only I could get the super model body ... sigh.

{Images via Fashion Gone Rogue}


Twenty.Something said...

I love their swimsuits this season! They also have great cover-ups for the beach!


design elements said...

:-) lovely suits! all my suits are from h&M. off to play some tennis to get a super body :-)

p.s.: no, it's not because of that. i simply love tennis.

happy new week to you

Jenna Lee said...

So pretty! I love the pattern!

Thanks for following and adding me to your list!

Belly B said...

I love their patterns!! If only it was warm enough for them here...

<3 Belly B

Susan said...

great suits and what fabulous prices!

Linh said...

Hmmm...yea. This is gorgeous. LOVE her necklace too.

Savannah said...

A. Love the suits
B. Love the prices
C. Obsessed with that necklace and am wondering if H&M has it ;)
...and lastly, you can pull of those suits just as well as those tall ladies. haha.

Anonymous said...

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