Dinners Lately


{Korean Style Beef Short Ribs with broccoli and coconut rice}
{Homemade BBQ chicken pizza and Caesar salad. Word to the wise: Trader Joe's BBQ sauce is very spicy!}
{Ellie Krieger's teriyaki chicken thighs - so easy and so good - with grilled veggies and rice}
{Trader Joe's Cajun rubbed salmon with corn and tater tots. Can you tell Ian picked the sides for this dinner?}
{Trader Joe's Carbonera Cheese Stuffed Ravioli with grilled asparagus (not pictured). I have failed at every attempt to make pasta carbonera so was excited to find this ready-made version at Trader Joe's}

{The chefs}

Ian and I love to cook, and while we attempt difficult recipes on the weekends and for special occasions, on weeknights we rely on Trader Joe's and easy recipes. Here's what we have been eating for dinner lately.


Susan said...

You two eat really well---you're making my mouth water! Think I will run into Trader Joe's at Crystal Cove this afternoon----

winnie said...

mmm this is making me hungry. Love bbq pizza!


Jessie said...

Everything looks so yummy, you are making me hungry now.


Savannah said...

I know you like being my roommate better so feel free to come and live with me...and maybe cook for me...haha! Those dinners look phenomenal! love ya!

Mo Pie, Please said...

I'm sensing a Trader Joe's theme here. Seriously, this all looks pretty delish!

Ami said...

looks amazingggg! that's sooo awesome that you both cook lots of stuff together!