Bon Appetit: Bull Taco


It still surprises me that I never ate at Bull Taco the entire time that I lived in Cardiff by the Sea. Now that we live in La Jolla it is at least a half hour trek to the funky little taco shop over-looking the ocean. But recently (on May 5th to be exact, which also happens to be Cinco De Mayo and my friend Courtney's birthday) I took an even longer route to the newest location in Oceanside, which is about an hour's drive from my house. I was stoked to try out their "inauthentic Mexcian fare," and have a beer with Court...because we're both moms and when you're a mom you always want it to be five o'clock.

My expectations were met. I had the special of the day: the mahi mahi street taco and it was delish. Matt ordered the lobster street taco because if there is lobster on the menu Matt will order it without hesitation. I also have to say that if you do venture over there for some good eats, please try out the Asada Tater Tots...amazing!

I guess I would venture to say that theirs are "designer tacos," not your typical shredded beef, beans and cheese. Other options on their current menu include:the shrimp curry, duck and oyster tacos. Bull Taco manages to fancy up burritos and tacos like no other restaurant I've been to, and they do it without being all "in your face about it." It's very low key and casual and a fantastic place to grab a beer and grumble about the workweek with a group of friends.

P.S. Don't you love the modern simplicity of the building? Very cool.

{Top three images courtesy of Bull Taco, bottom one from BikeRumor}


H.G. The Countess said...

Now I'm craving a taco and corona for lunch!

Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

When I first saw your photo I was hoping this would be a place in LA...but you make it sound so appealing, I may have to drive down and check it out.(I'm mid-way between SD and LA). It looks like just my cup of tea--thanks Kirby & Alexa!

xo Mary Jo

Kat said...

yum! i'll have to get steve to take me there on a date night! (or date lunch?)