Around the House: City Lovin and Livin


{First off LOVE the brick and I'm starting to have an affinity for mid-century modern decor, so I'm really digging the furniture. Also look at all of those vintage items he has stacked and the cool wall art! - Photos from sfgirlbybay}

{Again...loving the brick, especially if you can find a cool canvass to hang there. And I love the simple, all white look they have going in the living area. It makes things look less cluttered. - Photos from Design Sponge}

{Love the white bookcase and mantle and I think I would definitely have to keep fresh flowers around my apartment to remind me of the outdoors! - Photos from Cup of Jo}

I've only lived in a big city once. It was in San Francisco and Matt and I shared the cramped quarters of a small, uninspiring studio in the Richmond District. It was well...the opposite of the photos above. If we do ever relocate to experience city life again (probably not soon with a baby and a dog), I will have to seriously consider these decor ideas.


Jenna Lee said...

I really like that white bookcase!

Jessica said...

Seriously - city living always looks gorgeous when you have an airy loft with lots of windows to work with! The real deals are significantly less glam. Lovely ideas though - hopefully I can take a couple into consideration...counting down the months until my lease-with-a-roommate is up... :)