When You Go to San Francisco...


Be sure to wear a warm sweater
Eat at
Burma Superstar
Order the biggest sundae on the menu at
Walk across the bridge
Take any other bus other than the #38 at rush hour (trust me on this one)
Oh and wear flowers in your hair

So Mila and I are off to the Bay Area for a whole week. I'm pretty excited to see my family and introduce Mila to Senor Pedro (who I'm sure will be in a bad mood), but wouldn't you be if you had a bad fur day everyday? I'm also excited to celebrate her first Easter...even if she may not be interested in the eggs just yet.

P.S. Wish me luck on the plane ride. I told Mila not to cry...we'll see if she heeds my advice!

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Kat said...

yuuuuum ghiradelli's!
you will have a great time, Mila will is the perfect age to travel, all she needs is her mommy!
have fun :)