The Wedding Invitation of All Wedding Invitations


Ian and I received the wedding invitation for our friends Will and Amanda and I had to share it. Their theme, "old California," carries throughout the invitation - from the stamps to the sprig of lavender to the vintage post card (which we unfortunately had to send back with our reply). Amanda is an amazing artist (see this post) so I was waiting to see what she would create for their wedding invitation and it definitely exceeded my expectations!


SAMANTHA said...

so jealous.


Susan said...

how unusual---and VERY special!

Ami said...

very cool.... weddings are all about creativity for sure!

Savannah said...

Wow...Very creative invitations. I love that they are so different and nothing like I've ever seen before! Awesome!

A. Phelps said...

Kirby my dear! Can't wait to continue the celebrations with you!