Today and Tomorrow: Tea


Ever since Mila was born I have been a frequent customer at Starbucks. One of my favorite scents in the whole world is espresso beans. Unfortunately my nose and my stomach are at odds here. Coffee is pretty brutal on my poor stomach, so inevitably I drift towards the teas...usually opting for a Chai Tea Latte or an Earl Grey Tea Latte. I'm actually extremely partial to the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf's Tropical Tea Latte. It almost replaces my cafe latte. Almost.

What is your morning drink of choice?

{Photo via Heart of Light}


Kristin said...

I start my day with espresso nearly every morning!

Kat said...

i've totally gotten into again recnetly. when i was pregnant with izzy i drank that pregnancy every day, but recently i've been drinking echinea tea to keep from getting sick from all the kiddos- and i LOVE chai roobis w/some almond milk and honey. delicious!

Joanne Cox said...

i love love love earl gray tea ♥
next time i'm at coffee bean i'll try your suggestion!!