Starlite Lounge


{Love the retro exterior}
{Dinner with my former roommates and Lydia, who recently moved back to San Diego!}
{Jacqueline and I with our Starlite Mules}
{McKenzie, Kristine and Daniela at the upstairs bar}
{Where they make their magical mules}

I love living in La Jolla, but it isn't exactly known for its bars, which is why Ian and I usually venture downtown to try new watering holes. The Starlite Lounge is one of our favorite places to go, largely because of their version of the Moscow Mule. Oddly enough, I don't have any photos of Ian and I at Starlite, but we got hooked on the Starlite Mule and keep going back! It's made with vodka, ginger beer, lime and bitters and served icy cold in these amazing copper mugs.

Ian and I took Graham to Starlite last Friday night ... as for this weekend? I am having dinner at Cucina Urbana with some girlfriends tonight and Ian and I have big plans for the pesto we got from the farmers' market tomorrow night. There's a possible trip to Solana Beach with my old roommates on Saturday for lunch and Ian and I are having brunch with Kristine and Chris on Sunday so it's shaping up to be a fun weekend!

And the winner of this week's giveaway is ... Susan (aka my mom!). She is one of our most loyal readers and I am so happy she finally won!


Savannah said...

Kirby! I want a copy of the picutre! What a fun night. We must do it again soon. Loved my mule ;)