Monday Madness


Perhaps many of you have already seen this video, but I had to post because it's just truly hard to fathom such a large wave, until you see the size of the surfer riding it.

By the way for some great beach and surf shots, be sure to check out
Myan Photography on Etsy. Below are a couple of my favorites.


D. Cristina said...

hohoho, that is such a huge wave, do you know where in the world it is ? (:
just been to Myan's shop on Etsy; the photos are magical !

Alexa said...

D Cristina, I'm pretty sure that this is in Hawaii. I may have to check my facts though.

Kat said...

see that just looks terrifying! why would anyone want to do that? seriously, thats what my nightmares are made of.... some people are crazy!

Alexa said...

Totally agree with you Kat. Heck I can barely wade out into the ocean. I'm such a wimp. Ha.