Monday Madness


So I've decided to try a reoccurring post every Monday called Monday Madness. Remember this post I did about that insane hike along the Caminito Del Rey in Spain? Well from now on I want you to start your week in an exhilarating way, with a new featured post about something awe-inspiring, adventurous and maybe even a little crazy. Today might fall into the crazy category and is courtesy of my sweet husband, who found this video of some dudes flying. No really...flying. They don wingsuits and jump off cliffs and well...soar. This is sheer insanity to me, but I'm in love with the camera angles and the stunning views that the video provides. Matt says he's done this ten times (though apparently not off cliffs, thank God). Have I mentioned that Matt has gone skydiving over 800 times? He's somewhat of a pro. Have I also mentioned that before we started dating I went perhaps capture his interest? It was one of the craziest things that I've ever done, but it's also surprisingly quiet and peaceful floating up there among the clouds (also it worked...obviously, he was impressed).


Rema said...

So what new thing are you going to do today? Let me live vicariously through you! :)

Kat said...

So yeah, what are you doing today? Please tell me you aren't jumping off a cliff? I don't think Mila would be a fan. Also, the whole sky diving thing still TOTALLY freaks me out. I told Steve he is not allowed to do it ever again (he went with Matt before we started dating...)

Alexa said...

Oh my sweets...I just meant a new thing on the new things are simply posting the videos (not me actually doing them). Ha.