Kensington Grill


{Kensington Grill's play on chicken and waffles: the shrimp waffle - jack + scallion waffle + fresno chili + shallot + creole butter}
{The menu changes frequently so I couldn't find the exact menu item, but I got crab fitters - basically deep fried crab cakes}
{Daniela got the mac 'n shrooms with fontina + parmesan + foraged mushroom and panko and I may have had a few bites}
{Wild arugaula + mango + gorgonzola salad with dandied hazelnut + clover honey emulsion}

Here are a few belated photos from a recent dinner at Kensington Grill with Daniela, McKenzie and McKenzie's mom (who treated us to the delicious dinner). It was my second visit and I hope to have a third in the future!


Susan said...

Food looks incredible! When can we go?

Mckenzie said...

We will have to go back, that shrimp waffle was CRAZY!