Hooray...It's the Weekend!


Well my dears, the weekend is here and what a weekend it will be. Tomorrow night Matt's parents are coming over to watch Mila while Matt and I attend Kat's 30th birthday bash. I am ridiculously excited to share some drinks with friends and have some adult conversation that doesn't revolve around the words "goo goo" and "gaa gaa." Of course I guess depending on how much my conversationalist has to drink, it could come pretty close to that. What is on your agenda?

Here are some other great things you might want to enjoy during your weekend:

Slurp down a scrumptious looking

Go shopping for
fabulous summer dresses

Leave the workweek behind and
be a kid for a day

Read a

Or pick up a
brand new one. I just got mine and can't wait to start reading. Love that Tina Fey!

{Photo courtesy of
Momentary Awe}


Kat said...

woo hooo! while i'm sad that miss mila will not attend, i'm excited you get to partay with me! (though i guess my girls will be here, so i can't get that crazy....) see you soon!