The Homemade Pizza Experiment


{Buon appetito!}

{We decided we need a pizza stone}
{Ian in action}
{Our first try at personal pizzas}
{Doughy but still delicious}
{Arugula and caprese salad}

Ian and I love Trader Joe's, and were excited to make our own pizza using their dough, sauce, cheese and toppings (which are conveniently located in the same section). On our first try (see bottom photos), we made traditional pepperoni pizzas, but didn't wait long enough for the dough to "rest" and also didn't have a rolling pin. They came out a little too doughy for our taste and we realized that one ball of dough was more than enough for two people!

The next time around, we used a (clean) cylinder-shaped candle as a makeshift rolling pin to make one giant pizza. We used habanero pesto from the farmers' market to make traditional pepperoni with a spicy kick. It.was.delicious. We might try bbq chicken next time so stay tuned!


Ami said...
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Ami said...

looks yummm!! i've always wanted to try TJ's pizza dough...i've tried the costco dough which is already rolled up and ready to go (it even comes with the sauce) they were pretty good! TJ's has some of the yummiest things on earth!