Happy Weekend!


Well my sweets, it is the weekend and I'm hanging Nor-Cal style - I'm not entirely sure what that means (art galleries and Pinot Noirs)? Or perhaps drum circles in the redwood forest? Unfortunately I am doing neither. However I am spending the evening surrounded by my lovely family celebrating a special someone's birthday. And of course this weekend Mila and I will be searching for eggs hidden by a certain Mr. Bunny.

Here are some other fabulous things to enjoy during your weekend:

Seriously, what's better than
coffee and donuts on a Saturday morning?

Ring in spring with some
fancy flowers.

And while you're at it,
spring up your wardrobe.

Support a great cause (and our friend Jenna) by making a donation to the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Grab some of these darling
juice boxes for the kids.

And speaking of bugs...
these are darling.

{Photo from
Hipsta Chronicles}


Jenna said...

Thank you for including the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation in your list this week! Have a great weekend, my two favorite bloggers!