Getaway to St. Lucia


In the middle of the night, as I'm sitting there nursing Mila, barely conscious and seriously sleep-deprived I sit and think of all of the lovely places where I would go on vacation for the sole purpose of sleeping and getting massages. This is one of my favorite travel blogs and I'm rather awe-struck by this lovely resort in St. Lucia. It's called Jade Mountain, and for those reality show fanatics out there, it happens to be where The Bachelor was filmed last year. can rise out of bed to a glorious sunrise and dip into your private infinity pool, mimosa in hand and relish in complete silence. There are no televisions or phones in the resort's rooms (or sanctuaries as they are called here). Book me please! P.S. Can I borrow a few thousand dollars?

{Photo from Chris Around the World}


Kat said...

le sigh- heaven! one day.....

Alexa said... day, when the kids have their babies and we're like "oh how sweet" and hold them rock them, then say: "And we're going to St. Lucia for a couple of weeks...good luck!" ;)