Friday Love...Have a Happy Weekend!


Well my sweet readers, Friday has arrived and I have thoroughly enjoyed my week visiting my family and friends in Nor-Cal. I'm a little bit disappointed to be heading back home actually, although Mila and I miss Matt and Gorbie, so we are leaving on a jet plane tomorrow (fingers crossed the little miss will be just as well behaved as on the way up).

P.S. This is a photo of Miss Mila with her bestest friend Kylie. Nikki and I snapped a million photos of the girls, but this one just kills me. Kylie looks like she is checking out Mila's attire. "What is that brand, Michael Kors? Oh...only Carters...a little low brow for my taste...but you know, I have a silly looking bird on my you know..."

Here are some other fabulous things to enjoy during your weekend!

Yum: crepes.
Check in on your neighbors.
Spend some time daydreaming about an African Safari (something I hope to do eventually).
Get wild with this neon nail polish.
And kick up your heals with some fancy socks.
P.S. Love this photo!


Kat said...

can i go on the african safari with you? its been one of my dream vaca's....
that picture is adorable! they'll love it in 18 years when they're still bff's ;)

Sarah Jane said...

What a cute photo, so precious! Love the links, thanks for sharing;) xo