Friday Five


{I can't stop looking at this gorgeous photo from Freckled and Free}
{My Aunt Sharon gave me this Anthropologie mug for my birthday and it has become my new favorite. Plus, I think it's good luck - I had my coffee in it the day of my interview for my new job!}
{My new maxi dress from Forever 21 made its debut on Friday night. It is super soft and perfect from spring through fall}
{Ian and his mom on his first trip to California as a baby. This picture sits on Ian's beside table and I smile every time I see it!}
{I woke up craving French toast on Sunday. After quick trip to the store for syrup and cinnamon, French toast was served!}

Here is this week's Friday Five, lovelies. Happy Friday!


Savannah said...

Kirby that pic of Ian and his mom is adorable! And, I wish we were still roomies and I could have a bite of that delicious looking french toast :)