As you probably know I love to read and I hope to share story time with Mila as she gets older. One of her first books was a gift from my parents. Babar the Elephant is a character that I remember from when I was a child. I loved hearing about all of his adventures with his wife Celeste and the drawings just crack me up. The author, Jean de Brunhoff, was French and I find it particularly endearing that Babar prefers a bright green suit and a fashionable hat as part of his attire. He IS French after all.


SAMANTHA said...

i sort of remember the show babar, but heard recently that it is actually critiqued as justification for french colonialism-- think about it, they take him from his home in the jungle and put him in clothes. what the what the.


Alexa said...

Oh I was definitely a book of its time and reading it as an adult, I'm like, oh yes...hmmm. But I still think its a sweet children's book.