The Art of Doing Nothing


I still think that doing something is way overrated. Cheers to those long, lazy days of nothing. By the way...where have those gone? My perspective has changed since becoming a mom!

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Kat said...

hate to break it to you, but yeah- those days are looooong gone. i have yet to have a day of doing nothing since miss jessica was born over 4 years ago...

Kat said...

maybe when they go to college? if i'm not busy working hard so we can afford it!

sami. said...

i am not a mama, but i totally agree with you. i have been working 7 days a week since thanksgiving to pay for my upcoming wedding and now i value my free time so much more. i haven't done nothing in a while!


Alexa said...

Kat, I had a feeling...sigh. Sami, oh man weddings are stressful too, but also so amazing! Just make sure to treat yourself to a day of nothing afterward! ;)

kait said...

this is the perfect description of my day. i get one day off a week and lemme tell you - it's just filled with laying in bed reading blogs and drinking tea... nothing else! i had hoped to run some errands today but so far it's looking like that won't happen! but even though i feel super lazy, i know that because of my laziness today, i'll be more rested and motivated to work tomorrow!
hope you're having a fabulous week :)