Around the House: Bedroom Love


Love the beachy vibe, that paddle is awesome.
There is something about old wooden shutters that just makes a room seem so lived in.
I'm digging the black wall and the duvet.
I love red and white together and the simplicity of this room. Check out the vintage alarm clock!

I may have hinted in a previous post that I have been yearning to do something different with our bedroom. Granted not much has been done in the first place, it has been the neglected room. We put all of our time in energy into every single other nook and cranny in the house, but simply did not plan what we wanted to do with our own space...and then Mila arrived. I realize I am short on time in my days, so re-doing an entire room seems like quite the undertaking. I've been entertaining some ideas though and here are some of my favorite looks. Which do you like best?

P.S. I'm a complete sucker for interior design blogs, so every Tuesday I will devote a post to something home inspired. That way we can oooh and ahhh together.

{Photos via The Lettered Cottage, Dreamy Whites, sfgirlbybay, DesignSponge}


Angela said...

i love the shutter idea, and have been thinking of using that in areas of our house; just not sure where, yet. i found that idea on i absolutely adore this site!! she gives great ideas to re-using the stuff you already have, and also has suggestions on where to purchase fun accessories! sometimes a few photos, new lamp shades and bedspread is all you need to spice up a new look, until you have the time to do a complete makeover. good luck! :)

Rema said...

Isn't that funny?! The one space that theoretically should be the closest and most perfect is the last to be addressed. Our bedroom is the same way! Looking forward to seeing what you decide on :)