Your Morning Exercise versus The Snooze Button


The Battle Continues

Is the snooze button hindering your morning exercise plans? Here are a few tips to help you through those critical should-I-work-out-or-hit-the-snooze-button-again minutes.

The Night Before

1. Plan what you are having for breakfast. Prepare as much of it as you can so that it is easy to assemble in the morning. You can even make breakfast-to-go if that fits your schedule and/or work environment better.

2. Pack your lunch so you can grab it and go after you workout.

3. Set out your workout clothes including socks, shoes, hair accessories, music, etc. You want everything you need right by your bed so you don't have to spend time searching for your missing shoe or favorite shirt.

4. Plan your workout in distance, time, repetitions, etc. Write it down and keep a workout journal.

5. If possible, set your alarm so that it wakes you in a calm way. Avoid loud buzzes, beeps, and screeches.

6. If you are a coffee drinker, set your coffee timer a few minutes before your wakeup call so that a fresh cup is waiting for you. If you prefer juice or something else first thing in the morning, be sure it is prepared and waiting for you in the refrigerator when you wake up.

The Morning Of

1. When the alarm goes off, open your eyes and think to yourself 'feet on the ground'. All you have to do is get your feet on the ground. You can do it!

2. Then, when you get your feet on the ground you are home free. Everything you need for your workout is right there waiting for you, breakfast is planned, and lunch is ready.

3. I usually head towards the coffee maker before I put on my workout clothes, but whatever works for you is fine. As long as you get ready and get going, the order doesn't matter.

The Minutes After

1. Enjoy this moment. Whether you are walking back to your house after a nice run , driving home from the gym, or turning off the TV after completing your workout video, remember how good this feels. Take a deep breath and enjoy your moment. Be proud of yourself!

2. If you are keeping a journal, write down a few words that you think will inspire you to get up and do it again tomorrow morning.

3. Brag about it on the social network of your choice. Your friends will be proud of you!

Other Ideas

1. Plan creative workouts. Take a class one day and go for a run the next day. Keep it exciting!

2. Get a workout buddy and establish the no-call-rule. You are not allowed to call, text, or communicate with each other the morning of the workout. This eliminates the 'I'm too tired, I'll just call and cancel' cycle.

3. Download new songs and create new playlists to get excited about working out.

4. Take a day off. You don't have to work out every day. Let yourself sleep in.

Healthiest Regards, Paula