Vegetables and Calories


A study from Pennsylvania State University found that adding pureed vegetables to meals decreased the number of calories consumed by participants without affecting texture or taste.

In this study, 41 participants ate at the laboratory once a week for three weeks. They were served as much food as they wanted to eat and given snacks to take home. Some of the meals were made traditionally and some were made with 15-25% steamed then pureed cauliflower, squash, or carrots. The control group received the traditional entrees while the study group received the veggie version.

Both groups ate about the same amount of each entree by weight. Those eating the veggie version ate fewer calories per meal since veggies are low in calories but high in volume. The veggie group ate up to 360 calories less per day than those eating the traditional entrees. 360 calories less per day could equal up to a 1 pound weight loss in 10 days!

So, the lesson learned seems to be that vegetables continue to be linked to healthy weights and healthy lives.

Perhaps we can get some pureed veggies in those delicious looking cupcakes down below :o)

March is National Nutrition Month. The theme this year is Eat Right with Color. For nutrition tips and tricks visit Healthiest Regards . To see my latest post about adding fruits and vegetables to meals click here!

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