Sweets & Treats


{Remember Sweet Lydia's? Well, Lydia made me this gorgeous vanilla coconut birthday cake. Almost to pretty to eat, but Ian, Graham and I devoured it last night}
{I mentioned this necklace from Capricorn Boutique and Ian was listening! The store's owner, my friend Krissy, also steered him towards this dress, which I'm sure I will live in this spring and summer}
{99% of the time, I am wearing a plain white, black or gray shirt. My friends know this Lacey and Savannah gifted me statement necklaces. Jacqueline gave me the little "K" necklace}
{Kristine and Daniela got me this framed photo of Windansea from Leetal Elmaleh, whose pictures I have shown here}
{Photos and frames from McKenzie and Jacqueline}
{The newest addition to my clutch collection, a gift from Katie}
{Snickers cupcake from Jenna. Did I mention Snickers is my favorite candy bar?}

I was spoiled by my friends and family for my birthday!


Susan said...

Looks like a great birthday to me!

SAMANTHA said...

omg i want that cakeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

happy birthday!


katie said...

kirb you scored on your 25th, yet it is much deserved!!! Happy to have celebrated with you.

Stephanie said...

LOVE the necklace from capricorn!