Scenes from Last Weekend


{Ian and I stopped at Pizza Port on our way back down to La Jolla on Sunday. The perfect end to the weekend! }
{Right after this photo was taken, I fed Avery a piece of cupcake, which she promptly rubbed into Ian's beard and laughed!}
{My Mom always surprises me with Sprinkles cupcakes for my birthday. This year we had red velvet.}
{We hadn't been to Gulfstream in forever and it was such a fun place to have an early birthday dinner. Ian and I shared oysters as an appetizer and we both had the salmon.}
{I am the only one in my family who doesn't golf. Ian played with my parents and brother Craig on Saturday; I rode along for the front nine and went to the gym while they finished the whole 18 and met them for a margarita afterward!}
{Ian had training for his new job from 6am to 6pm on Friday so we drove up to Newport right when he finished. Even though we went out for an early birthday celebration on Saturday night, my parents made Friday night at home special}

Here are some pictures from last weekend. If you're reading this Mom and Dad, thanks for making my early birthday celebration so special and thanks to Craig, Ryan and Avery for coming down from L.A. for the occasion.


Ryan said...

Happy Early Birthday Kirby!! We so enjoyed celebrating with you and look forward to seeing you and Ian again this coming weekend!

Susan said...

We loved every minute of the weekend, Kirby! And your Friday night celebration sounds like it's going to fun too!

Leigh said...

Love you all!!! Looks like you had fun and Avery is getting so big!!! Can't believe I haven't met her yet and she hasn't met my boys! We get sprinkles too and they are the best on your birthday! Great minds think alike..xoxo