It is officially spring! My 25th birthday was yesterday, the first day of spring - coincidentally my Dad's birthday is the first day of summer, June 21. On Friday I celebrated downtown with all of my best friends in San Diego and had an absolute blast. Too much fun.

On Saturday, Ian and I drove up to LA for Avery's first birthday party and yesterday I went to lunch with Kristine, Daniela and McKenzie. Ian's brother is in town on spring break from Stanford and his birthday is today (happy birthday Graham!). Last night we were too exhausted to go out (the stormy weather helped) so we cooked at home, played Scrabble and watched the finale of HBO's Big Love. Tonight the three of us are going out to dinner for one last celebration.

I am pinching myself for my thoughtful family, friends and boyfriend today. 25 is going to be a good year!

{Image via Walking Around}