Quick & Healthy Foods! What's for dinner tonight??


I’m not easily impressed by frozen meals, but Monday night at Costco was a different story. It could have been that we went at 7pm, before we had eaten dinner and after we had worked out. But I think it was that I just hadn’t stopped by the frozen meal section in a few months. Boy, was I pleasantly surprised when I got there! So pleasantly surprised in fact that we decided to hold off on our original dinner plan and try out one of our purchases instead. Below are the products that we now have in our freezer. They all passed my nutrition label test which includes, but is not limited to, lots of veggies, no strange additives, low in fat, low in saturated fat, low in cholesterol, low in sugar, low sodium, contains some protein, and contains some fiber. If the meal doesn’t quite fill you up you can always add to it. Veggies are a great side to add. You can also add white meat chicken or tofu for a lean protein option.

Check out these awesome quick & healthy meals by Helen’s Kichen. I’ve tried the Thai Yellow Curry and the Thai Red Curry. Yum! We purchased ours at Costco but it looks like they are also available at Whole Foods, Jimbo’s, and Frazier Farms. http://www.thehelenskitchen.com

Yet another awesome find. Quick & healthy meals by Garden Lites. Again, we tried the roasted vegetable soufflé at Costco but it looks like they are also available at Whole Foods, Ralphs, Vons, and Bristol Farms. http://www.garden-lites.com

Yes, Costco again. I like the Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers not only because they are quick & healthy but also because of the way they cook in the microwave. The vegetables stay fresh tasting and you don’t have to mess with poking or stirring your entree. These are available in most grocery stores. http://www.healthychoice.com

Enjoy! And Healthiest Regards!



Design Blooms said...

This is such great information...I have always hated frozen lunches, but I keep trying them every once in a while. P.S. Really, really love those bathing suites below!