Photos of Miss Mila


{Holding Daddy's finger}

{I love my daddy!}

{Cuddling with cousin Alex}

{Photo op with Mommy}

{Bath time is the best!}

{A favorite sleeping position (she takes after her Poppa, my dad, with this sleep style)}

I have to share some of my favorite Mila photos, I can't believe how much she's changed since our stay in the hospital.


Shalini said...

She's so cute, and so tiny. One forgets how tiny newborns are so fast!

Angela said...

such a precious little one! love the sleeping photo... she looks like grandma! I guess that's where your dad gets his pose from... just gets passed down from generation to generation. ha! ;)

scheringj said...

So beautiful Lex. I think so far (which it could change every week!), but I think she looks a lot like Matt. I hope you are enjoying it all and aren't too tired :)