A Great Way to Break the News


I just saw this post on Cup of Jo and had to repost it! What a fantastic way to break the news to your parents that you're expecting! I told my parents while I was up visiting them (I was only five weeks!) and I managed to blurt it out while they were in the middle of a debate about jeans or dressy pants to wear to my nephew's graduation ceremony. I think I took them by surprise, but I couldn't hold it in any longer!

Matt and I decided to hide a camera and film his parents when we broke the news to them (this being their first grandchild and all). It was around Father's Day, so we invited them over for dinner, I poured myself a glass of white grape juice in a wine glass and we watched as Pete opened his card with the word "Grandpa" on it. As he was reading it out loud, Matt's mom froze, I think she knew immediately, but Pete initially thought the card was from Gorbie. Once it was verified that they were going to be first-time grandparents, they both jumped up from the table and I think an entire bottle of wine was spilled in the process. The video is hysterical, we've watched it several times, and someday we'll have to show it to Mila.

{Photo from Hither and Thither}


scheringj said...

I want to see the video! That sounds so cute! We had so much fun doing our picture reveal, I laughed so hard with my parents that I laughed my way out of the picture and I think just my arm is in it :)