Early Celebration


{The girls surprised me with a cake made up of cupcakes - my favorite}
{Hawaiian sunset}
{The Road to Hana}
{The view from our hotel room}

In college, my birthday (March 20) usually landed during spring break, so we were already celebrating and usually somewhere fun. Senior year, we took a girls trip to Maui and happened to be there on my birthday. I posted a few photos from the trip above.

What are your weekend plans readers? I am celebrating my birthday with friends next Friday and Avery's birthday party is next Saturday so this weekend Ian and I are driving up to Newport for some early festivities with my family (minus Steve, who is coming out later this spring). I can't believe I am almost 25. Eek!

And the winner is ... Katie!


Alexis {J.Crew Aficionada} said...

Happy early birthday! :)

Henar said...

Aaw, this is beautiful !
I love it ! ♥