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Hello my sweet readers! I have returned to the blogosphere. The past five weeks have been an incredible experience. Getting to know little Mila has been an absolute joy for both Matt and I (and Gorbie), even if she is one demanding little customer. The day after she was born, the pediatrician visited her in the hospital and announced with a wry smile: "I think she's going to be a feisty one." Already she is showing her fiery personality with dramatic screams and treating feeding time as if it's been her first taste of sustenance in several weeks.

She loves her daddy, is most comfortable sleeping in her bouncer and is all smiles for her little froggy and his hot air balloon, which hang above her changing table.

Being a mother is different than anything I imagined. I find it hard to put into words, but, being a writer, I'm always thinking of words and so I think the following phrases best describe my feelings over the past few weeks. Any other moms out there, feel free to add your thoughts on being a parent.

1. The most exhausted I've been in my entire life.

2. Nap time means sleep for baby AND for mom.

3. Getting dressed is now a luxury.

4. I have never had a stronger desire to have an extra pair of hands.
5. Despite all of the challenges, I wouldn't change a thing, because the large space in my heart for someone so small is the most rewarding feeling of all.


Shalini said...

Yes, it's an amazing yet exhausting time. Being a mother has made me truly understand the meaning of cliches like "bundle of joy" and "a child is a blessing". I'm in awe of my baby :-)

Kat said...

taking a shower is luxury in those early days, too!
but yes, its amazing and i agree with shalini, its ever cliche out there. it gets really intense when they get older- and you just fall more and more in love every day :)
welcome back!

Rema said...

Welcome back, mama!